Building your personal brand should not require a stylist, or a budget allocation over the normal price of clothing. This is why we are building My Garment Forge. Monogramming and custom embroidery is included on most items, while printing is needed on some.

The site is a limited sampling of Garment Forge products, selected for fashion, value and durability. We will ship these products all over the USA from our workshop here in North Carolina.

At garment forge, the original version of this site, we offer custom logo work for businesses and restaurants. This was born of needing a more durable chef’s coat back when my wife and I were Chefs for Marriott. All the coats on the market were white, but the embroidery would bleach out if you ever used bleach to clean your whites… So I did some research and found a higher quality thread from Germany, that is 100% colorfast even in the strongest bleach solution.

man in white top standing beside plates
As ex-chefs we make sure that all our products can be cleaned and sterilized, and all of our embroidery can be bleached without damage.

After the last 10 years of embroidery and printing for Business to business deals, we have had a lot of family and friend ask us why we do not provide a retail solution for them to buy. Don’t get me wrong we often have done family reunion shirts and monogramming for Christmas gifts, but we have also found out that people like monogramming much better when they are the one who picked out the colors and fonts.

This is what we have decided to call personal branding. A few friends that are now “influencing” on Instagram in their own right, have our embroidery, building their brand.

Whether you need a letter or two sewn on your cuffs and collars, or a family crest, we can help you. We have gathered together some of the most popular styles and items and have them arranged for easy access. If there is a garment that you do not see, please drop us a line and we can find it for you.