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4 Keys of Brand Identity

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I was out talking to one of our marketing joint ventures today and he and I were discussing how important ‘message’ is in marketing you brand. The point we both agreed on was the ability to make sure your message can scale. What we mean by that is that we did not want to spend a bunch of time and effort building awareness about some short term “sale” or discount that cannot be sustained into profitability.

We are going to be doing shirts for his showroom employees, a direct mail campaign, some new graphics for the job van, and some signage for a new product line he has in his showroom. These are all going to roll out in one stage to make sure we show a unified image. This should insure that as people see the new campaign they will relate the new message to the Showroom, and to the new product offering. Now we have a scalable message. Plus as the new product line should produce a new line of business the success of this campaign will be easily tracked as anyone who is interested in the new product line must have been brought in by the new campaign. As all goes well, we have a unified message, a new product message, and the business can grow with the new demand.

  • Unified Image- Color, image and message.
  • Long Term Usability- Profit when successful.
  • Traceability- Effectiveness tracking.
  • Exclusivity- Show how you are different/better.
Wearable Branding

Planning at this level is not accidental. if you would like a similar campaign, just drop us a line and we can see what we can do to grow your Company Identity as well. This partner had a good logo to start with, and a timely new product Idea just about ready for production, so matching some marketing messaging to the ideas was all he needed. We can help you with you logo, and in most businesses there is one thing that you do better than your competition. We just make sure your future clients know about that aspect of your company so you can exceed their expectations and keep the new clients for life.

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