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Motivate Your Employees

By creating a series of customized posters
Inspiring messages printed on big, colorful posters visibly remind employees that you care about their success. With Garment Forge printing capabilities, you can easily make posters that encourage team-building, creativity, and perseverance.
Use motivational posters for fundraising or sales campaigns, to recognize outstanding achievements, to promote friendly inter-office competitions, or simply to remind people to always do their best.
You can even use them as an award; you can print keepsake posters that you can give to employees to thank them for a job well done. Call us at 704-882-5313 for tips on choosing the best type of poster paper for a specific project.

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People Still Want Stuff and Swag, They Just Don’t Want the Germs

It’s no secret that promotional items tend to travel from person to person. That’s part of the reason why they’re the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium for your clients.

Writing instruments are a great example of this effectiveness, generating 3,000+ impressions in their lifetime. (1) Almost everyone has a collection of promo pens that they’ve picked up here or there and don’t mind passing along.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 56015_Souvenir-Hew-Pen.jpg
The stylish #56015 Souvenir® Hew Pen

The pass-ability of writing instruments is a great example of what makes promotional products such powerful giveaways for your clients. Low cost, high impressions and plenty of design options to suit any brand’s style.

People Still Love Freebies (and Always Will)

So, with the onset of the Coronavirus last year, are people actually still interested in getting giveaway items? Of course! In fact, the psychology behind why freebies will always be in-demand is interesting and unwavering: (2)

  • Our brains are hard-wired to want valuable things for little or no cost. That’s why pleasant feelings are associated with the perception of having the upper hand.
  • When people receive something for free, it makes them feel special and that they’ve somehow “earned a prize”. This in turn, makes them feel good about the brand that provided the item.
  • People typically don’t expect much from giveaways (not much to lose) so when a free item lives up to or exceed expectations it is viewed as a win.

There’s no doubt that a complimentary giveaway item leaves a positive impression of a brand. That positivity often leads to more trust, engagement and purchases. In fact, the principle of reciprocity is a big factor when it comes to giveaways. After receiving a great item, the recipient may feel inclined to “return the favor” by making a purchase and/or increasing brand awareness. (3)

Giveaways During COVID-19

In a time of heightened safety concerns around personal contact and touching surfaces, it’s important to re-think giveaway strategy with your clients. Promotional products may not be traveling as far in the current COVID-19 world. Suggesting items that are useful, durable and attractive are ways to make sure your client’s brand message is featured on giveaways that end users will undeniably want to keep for a long time.

Here are some great giveaway examples for boosting marketing efforts, even during COVID-19.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 56024_PrevaGuard-Ion-Stylus-Pen.jpg

Promotional writing instruments with an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive like the new #56024 PrevaGuard™ Ion Stylus Pen are perfect for a touch-conscious world. The stylus helps keep fingers off touch screens and the antimicrobial additive will protect the pen for its entire lifetime.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Notouch_key.jpg

3in1 Non Touch Keychain non touch keychain offers a better way to avoid direct contact with shared surfaces such as elevators, door handles etc. This product will help to keep your hands clean and free from bacteria. This keychain has built-in bottle opener and stylus feature, and is light weight and easy to carry, the lightly rounded edges finger slot design makes it comfortable to use and easily attach on with your keychain or put inside of pocket/bags.


The Next Level Adult Face Mask is a reusable, eco-friendly, and sustainable 2-ply mask made of 70% recycled material. Each mask is made from approximately 1 recycled poly (RPET) water bottle. Moisture wicking fabrication is washable and breathable. Features a double layer fabric, goes over your ears for secure fit, fits over an N95 mask . One size fits most. Printable area: 4 ” x 7″

• 93.6% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) rating to protect against particles and viruses.
• Eco Performance – 40% Recycled Poly, 30% Recycled Cotton, 30% Cotton. 145g/4.3oz.
• One size

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Now That 2020 is hindsight!!!

We know hindsight is 20/20, so we can now say 2020 is hindsight!!!

No matter where you are on this Planet, 2020 has been different. From TP shortages to Civil unrest, to the US Absentee Election, and of course COVID-19. Its been a lot to deal with. But the truth is we made it through. Now is the time to look back at the extra time spent with those we live with, well spent; look back on the time spend on ourselves and out odd hobbies, well spent; look back on the way we stayed connected, though digitally, Well Done. We made the most of a bad situation. This is not to say we all had a great year, I am no fool. We have not had a normal year, and have not had most of the opportunities we expected in the first year of the new decade. But we have spent enough time and “ink” talking about that. Its time to start fresh, look to our combined futures and again Make The Most of It!!

Its just about 2021. I for one am going to be betting Big on Blackjack.(21, get-it?) Some prices are low, there are deals out there, and everyone knows BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. So it sounds like we all need to do whatever we can to buy now. I don’t mean just go spend up a bunch of money( although that would help the economy), but spend smart. There is a bunch of equipment out there from businesses that didn’t make it through 2020, there are houses that proved too small in 2020 that just might be exactly what you need, there are new appliances that we all know now are way overdue to update our recently overused kitchens. This January is going to be full off more opportunities than we have even seen before. I mean that from a totally non political, purely economic sense. While I don’t think we will ever go back to the purely service based in person economy that we had in the late 90’s(good riddance honestly) we do now know how to see what is a good customer service experience online. We can tell when a vendor or website actually cares or is just looking to sell us as d demographic statistic to some other site. We know things, lets use that knowing and Bet Big on Blackjack and make 2021 the year we want it to be.

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4 Keys of Brand Identity

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I was out talking to one of our marketing joint ventures today and he and I were discussing how important ‘message’ is in marketing you brand. The point we both agreed on was the ability to make sure your message can scale. What we mean by that is that we did not want to spend a bunch of time and effort building awareness about some short term “sale” or discount that cannot be sustained into profitability.

We are going to be doing shirts for his showroom employees, a direct mail campaign, some new graphics for the job van, and some signage for a new product line he has in his showroom. These are all going to roll out in one stage to make sure we show a unified image. This should insure that as people see the new campaign they will relate the new message to the Showroom, and to the new product offering. Now we have a scalable message. Plus as the new product line should produce a new line of business the success of this campaign will be easily tracked as anyone who is interested in the new product line must have been brought in by the new campaign. As all goes well, we have a unified message, a new product message, and the business can grow with the new demand.

  • Unified Image- Color, image and message.
  • Long Term Usability- Profit when successful.
  • Traceability- Effectiveness tracking.
  • Exclusivity- Show how you are different/better.
Wearable Branding

Planning at this level is not accidental. if you would like a similar campaign, just drop us a line and we can see what we can do to grow your Company Identity as well. This partner had a good logo to start with, and a timely new product Idea just about ready for production, so matching some marketing messaging to the ideas was all he needed. We can help you with you logo, and in most businesses there is one thing that you do better than your competition. We just make sure your future clients know about that aspect of your company so you can exceed their expectations and keep the new clients for life.

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Why “My Garment Forge” is here

At garment forge, the original version of this site, we offer custom logo work for businesses and restaurants. This was born of needing a more durable chef’s coat back when my wife and I were Chefs for Marriott. All the coats on the market were white, but the embroidery would bleach out if you ever used bleach to clean your whites… So I did some research and found a higher quality thread from Germany, that is 100% colorfast even in the strongest bleach solution.

As ex-chefs we make sure that all our products can be cleaned and sterilized, and all of our embroidery can be bleached without damage.

After the last 10 years of embroidery and printing for Business to business deals, we have had a lot of family and friend ask us why we do not provide a retail solution for them to buy. Don’t get me wrong we often have done family reunion shirts and monogramming for Christmas gifts, but we have also found out that people like monogramming much better when they are the one who picked out the colors and fonts.

This is what we have decided to call personal branding. A few friends that are now “influencing” on Instagram in their own right, have our embroidery, building their brand.

Whether you need a letter or two sewn on your cuffs and collars, or a family crest, we can help you. We have gathered together some of the most popular styles and items and have them arranged for easy access. If there is a garment that you do not see, please drop us a line and we can find it for you.

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My Garment Forge

Building your personal brand should not require a stylist, or a budget allocation over the normal price of clothing. This is why we are building My Garment Forge. Monogramming and custom embroidery is included on most items, while printing is needed on some.

My Garment Forge is underway. The site is a limited sampling of Garment Forge products, selected for fashion, value and durability. We will ship these products all over the USA from our workshop here in North Carolina.