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Now That 2020 is hindsight!!!

We know hindsight is 20/20, so we can now say 2020 is hindsight!!!

No matter where you are on this Planet, 2020 has been different. From TP shortages to Civil unrest, to the US Absentee Election, and of course COVID-19. Its been a lot to deal with. But the truth is we made it through. Now is the time to look back at the extra time spent with those we live with, well spent; look back on the time spend on ourselves and out odd hobbies, well spent; look back on the way we stayed connected, though digitally, Well Done. We made the most of a bad situation. This is not to say we all had a great year, I am no fool. We have not had a normal year, and have not had most of the opportunities we expected in the first year of the new decade. But we have spent enough time and “ink” talking about that. Its time to start fresh, look to our combined futures and again Make The Most of It!!

Its just about 2021. I for one am going to be betting Big on Blackjack.(21, get-it?) Some prices are low, there are deals out there, and everyone knows BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. So it sounds like we all need to do whatever we can to buy now. I don’t mean just go spend up a bunch of money( although that would help the economy), but spend smart. There is a bunch of equipment out there from businesses that didn’t make it through 2020, there are houses that proved too small in 2020 that just might be exactly what you need, there are new appliances that we all know now are way overdue to update our recently overused kitchens. This January is going to be full off more opportunities than we have even seen before. I mean that from a totally non political, purely economic sense. While I don’t think we will ever go back to the purely service based in person economy that we had in the late 90’s(good riddance honestly) we do now know how to see what is a good customer service experience online. We can tell when a vendor or website actually cares or is just looking to sell us as d demographic statistic to some other site. We know things, lets use that knowing and Bet Big on Blackjack and make 2021 the year we want it to be.

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